Illegal Dance

Avant Garde Dance Company

Project Overview

Welcome to the future. An Orwellian world where dancing is banned. ‘Illegal Dance’ toured the UK in 2022/2023. The first piece in the mix above is called ‘The Line’. Whatever you do don’t cross it….

YeastCulture created the video design for the ‘Illegal Dance’ tour in close collaboration with Avant Garde Dance company.

Dance Company: Avant Garde Dance
Choreographer & artistic director: Tony Adigun
Rehearsal director and creative assistant: Emma Louise-Stansall
Producer of Video Design: Nick Hillel
Animators: Adam Smith & Tim Grabham
Executive Producer: Prince Laryea
Composer: Jonathan Owusu-Yianomah
Mocap and character design: Neal Coghlan
Programmer/Projectionist: Gary Oldknow
Stephano Addae
Isaac Butler
Connor Gribben
Sam Ford
Ed Mitchel
Gabby Sanders