Calligrapher Soraya Syed

Project Overview

YeastCulture collaborated with the award winning calligraphist Soraya Syed on a video installation that brought her calligraphy to life in a gallery setting. ‘Hurriyah’ meaning ‘freedom’ in Arabic premiered at London’s Leighton’s House and involved a stop frame animation of Soraya’s calligraphy mixed with live dance choreographed by Akram Khan and music composed by Nitin Sawhney. YeastCulture produced the installation and designed all the video elements.

It all begins with a dot. Hurriyah  sets out on a transforming journey. All is initially calm but, as a storm unfolds, she blossoms into a sail, capturing the full might of the prevailing gales. As the tempest subsides, Hurriyah unravels back and eventually returns to her initial state, a dot. Her end marks the start of a new beginning.