Dickson Mbi – Enowate

Project Overview

An animated and interactive projection on a front gauze for Dickson MBI’s semi autobiographic journey back to his roots in ‘Enowate‘. The video design channelling the metaphorical shedding of the layers upon layers of emotional baggage we all carry in life. A shedding in attempt to get back to the true source within.

Choreographer & Performer – Dickson Mbi
Artistic Consultant & Producer – Farooq Chaudhry
Mentor – Simon McBurney
Lighting Designer – Lee Curran
Composer – Roger Goula
Movement Asistant- Kenny Wing Tao Ho
Video Design and Animation – Adam Smith and Nick Hillel (Yeast Culture)
Visual Artists – Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones
Costume Design – Daniel Lismore
Creative Associate – Geni Lou
Sound Engineer – Mark Webber
Production Manager – Andy Downie
Vocals – Ntunja (Universal Records)
Voices – Patrice Naiambana, Michael Ajao, Sapphire Joy


“Easily the most arresting element are the brilliant projections by YeastCulture. The ending is glorious, Mbi caught in a vortex of billowing strings, embraced by a spectral figure, glowing like a superhero recharging, endowed with powers, or perhaps enlightenment in this case. It’s worth waiting for.” — The Guardian
“The addition of state-of-the-art digital animation by YeastCulture elevates a deceptively-simple show in performance terms and thrillingly externalises something as personal as identity and memory into something strikingly visual and weighted with significance.” — The Reviews Hub